winch handles - iWinch

Use your cordless screwdriver in conjunction with the iWinch and hoist your mainsail effortlessly, roll up your foresail or lift the anchor.....
Now it is possible to convert all your winches quickly and easily with electric drive. All you need is a powerful cordless screwdriver and the new iWinch.
This is suitable for almost all winches on the market and can easily be mounted in a cordless screwdriver with 13mm chuck.
All the strenuous situations that are normally done on a sail boat with a hand crank are more easily with the iWinch.
Using iWinch is a great way to get extra power.

• Hoist your mainsail - effortlessly
• Roll or hoist your headsail - simple
• Reef your mainsail - faster and safer
• Shorthanded Sailing - best help ever
• lift your anchor or the dinghy on deck

Modern cordless screwdriver with the new lithium technology are very robust, reliable and the developed brush less motors.
For sure you always have a charged, ready to use cordless screwdriver for other projects on board with which you can also use the new iWinch.
iWinch is only as effective as your cordless screwdriver.

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