WINDEX wind indicators - WINDEX LIGHT

On top all over the world, Windex, with sapphire jewel suspension are the world´s leading wind indicator around the world. Windex have a light, balanced vane with large fin area and low friction sapphire jewel suspension. These make the Windex respond quickly and accurately at wind speeds as low as 0,2 knots (0,1m/s). The tacking tabs can be adjusted to the appartment wind direction for port and starboard tacking. The Windex vane and tacking tabs feature reflective markers under the vane making them highly visible at night. Windex was tested in a wind tunnel with up to 80 knots.




A unique lighting system for WINDEX 10, WINDEX 15, and WINDEXL. Illuminates the reflective markers on the vane and tacking tabs and makes it easy to see the WINDEX at night.

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