Self-venting bilge pumps with smooth running and stainless steel shaft. The pumps require a minimum of maintenance. Compact design to be used in inaccessible bilges. The pump head can be quickly removed by means of a snap lock to clean the impeller if necessary. Pumps according to CE standards. Info
Shore connection unit for installation on board with FI / LS circuit breaker.FI / LS circuit breaker (RCBO) 16 A, B 30 mA, 2-pole for 230 V / 50 Hz.The grey mini housing has a transparent front cover and protection class IP65. The individual components ( housing / circuit breaker ) are not assembled Info
Fuel tank “CADDY” made of HDPE plastics and 59 litres capacity. The 140 mm wheels enables an easy transport. Equipped with a 3 meter long hose. Info
Sta-Plug® form fitting emergency plug by Forespar. A soft cone shaped design allows it to easily fill the irregular shapes of hull impact breaches, as well as any round hole leak from a hose or through-hull. Unique edge gripping riblets help hold the plug in a hole, keeping water out. The riblets Info
MAGGIE MultiColor Under water light with a single 5 W high power LED. Polished AISI 316 stainless steel housing.For 12 Volt usage only.MultiColor white-red-blue-green. Colours can be changed by short voltage interruption (max. 3 seconds) Info
KONG ERGO SCREW SLEEVE - Asymmetrical Aluminium carbine hook with large opening, straight aluminium gate equipped with KeyLock system, low weight (58g). The special shape prevents rotating of the carbine hook and allows better load distribution along the longer axis.Certified according to CE EN 1227 Info