TRUDESIGN One way hose connector made of glass reinforced Nylon with outside thread. Temperature resistant up to 65° C (short-term 93° C) and pressure resistant up to 150 psi / 10 Bar (short-term 230 psi / 15 Bar). Info
GLEISTEIN DOCKLINE Very flexible for comfortable handling with balanced stretch properties.• Core 12-plait made of high-strength polyester.• Flexible braided sheath made of the same material • Double braid with precisely matched construction of core and sheathing• Unique flexibility and best Info
RUTGERSONNew innovation QRS (Quick Reef solution) is the perfect solution for smooth reefing and a unique solution on the market. The ring could be described as a low-friction ring, but it consists of two parts connected by the Super Ring and the sailcloth, which centralises the weight on the sail. Info
CEE extension cable PANZER Heavy yellow wire, 2,5 mm² with CEE plug and socket 230 V - 16 A - 3 pole, socket with spring cap. IP44 splash water proofedChecked according to OVE E 8241-55, IEC 60309. Info
USB mounting double charging socket USB A and USB C12 / 24 V.Output USB 5 V, 2x 3,6 A.Mounting hole 28 mm Ø Info
The Q-BATTERIES battery of the 12LC series are AGM batteries (lead-fleece technology) that have been specially designed for cyclic use. By using special lead plates and a special electrolyte, the batteries have a longer service life and cycle stability.Temperature ranges:Discharge: -15°C to +50°CC Info
Waterproof pressure switch / push button, can be used in exremely harsh salt water conditions, long life, IP67.Switching voltage AC / DC max. 250 V.Lighting red / green LED 12 / 24Vwith silicone cap and plugable cable harness, 20 cm, therefore easy connection, changeover contact rated current 5 A Info
SEASURE Pad iStick on Deck eye for hardware like blocks.Set includes 4 base plates and 4 mounting ropes.SEASURE has achieved a breaking load of 80 kg with SIKAFLEX and 200 kg with epoxy in internal tests. Info