Beta pins with double ring, DIN 11024D, Stainless steel A4 AISI316 Info
BLUEWAVE Stemball eye, removeable, in stainless steel A4 AISI316 Info
No getting it down: Buoyant mooring line, high-quality square braid.• Simply good - The grippy GeoSquare® GeoProp is torsion-free, easy to splice, and offers balanced elongination properties as well as good grip on polished bollards.• Ideal as a towing line - Buoyant, avoids getting caught in t Info
PEGUET Quick links pear typeStainless steel A4L AISI316L with wide openingThe pear shape allows multiple suspensions on one side. (The breaking load BRL and working load WL refer to one straight-line load in main direction) Info
Store your opened cartridges.In the Masticbox SADURR® you can store your opened cartridges in a hermetically sealed and dry environment to avoid chemical vapours. The usability of the opened cartridge can be considerably extended.The SADURR® Masticbox is complete and ready to use, it is functional Info
"Flipper" is the world`s first foldable winch handle by easysea®. This handle transforms sailing by offering faster maneuvers, constant readiness and space-saving at the deck. It allows to release or wrap the sheet without detaching it from the winch. It`s innovative design significantly reduces th Info
BARTON TUPHBLOXSingle blocks made of Tufnol® with bow Info
ALLEN SwiftFurl Continuous Line Furler.This jib furler system is equipped with five rows of Torlon ball bearings, which allow the drum to turn smoothly even under load. Unlike a conventional jib furler, this system is designed for use with a continuously spliced line. This allows the drum to continu Info
A unique LED lighting system for WINDEX 10, WINDEX 15. Illuminates the reflective markers on the vane and tacking tabs and makes it easy to see the WINDEX at night. Simple, maintenance-free and sturdy design. Light source cannot be replaced. Info