‘Splicing modern ropes’ by Jan-Willem Polman is a practical handbook with over 30 different splicing instructions in high-res photos. Learn step-by-step how to splice an eye in a braided rope, whether the rope has a polyester core or a core of super fibers (e.g. Dyneema® or Vectran®) . Also ho Info
• Line cutter specifically developped for rescue operations and extreme sports (offshore racing, sport catamaran, white water sports etc...). It enables to quickly cut any small line diameters (Dyneema®, net lines webbing, kite lines etc...)• the secured sheath enables the line cutter to be po Info
Battery cutter WBT-2 The set with extensive accessories enables easy and quick cutting. The 5.000 mAh strong Li-Ion battery offers enough capacity to last even during longer cutting operations. Cuts even difficult materials such as Kevlar®, Twaron®, Dyneema®, carbon and glass fibre but also cotto Info
Cork is a good alternative to all traditional boat deck materials and, above all terms of quality, a comparable alternative to hardwood, such as teak, or even to synthetical products. In addition, cork is not only ecologically advantageous, but also attractively priced due to it´s a simple processi Info