The Titanium Super Ring weighs 50% less than the original stainless steel ring. The titanium ring is perfect for all types of light weight applications including carbon fiber sails. It is also commonly used for swimming pool covers as titanium is more resistant to chloride than other metals.The Supe Info
BARTON Quick Cleat is a small flat and rigid nylon cleat for small cleating tasks on board. Suitable for lines up to 6 mm diameter. Self-clamping twist lock with stainless steel spring. Ideal for small cleating tasks with a load of up to 13.5 kg. Delivery on a self service card by pair. Info
Signal horn HURRICANEElectropneumatic compact signal horn for installation with integrated compressor. The signal tone is particularly low and loud. The cover is made of ASA in white or chrome. Info
Use your cordless screwdriver in conjunction with the iWinch and hoist your mainsail effortlessly, roll up your foresail or lift the anchor.....Now it is possible to convert all your winches quickly and easily with electric drive. All you need is a powerful cordless screwdriver and the new iWinch. T Info