USB mounting double charging socket USB A and USB C12 / 24 V.Output USB 5 V, 2x 3,6 A.Mounting hole 28 mm Ø Info
The Q-BATTERIES battery of the 12LC series are AGM batteries (lead-fleece technology) that have been specially designed for cyclic use. By using special lead plates and a special electrolyte, the batteries have a longer service life and cycle stability.Temperature ranges:Discharge: -15°C to +50°CC Info
Waterproof pressure switch / push button, can be used in exremely harsh salt water conditions, long life, IP67.Switching voltage AC / DC max. 250 V.Lighting red / green LED 12 / 24Vwith silicone cap and plugable cable harness, 20 cm, therefore easy connection, changeover contact rated current 5 A Info
SEASURE Pad iStick on Deck eye for hardware like blocks.Set includes 4 base plates and 4 mounting ropes.SEASURE has achieved a breaking load of 80 kg with SIKAFLEX and 200 kg with epoxy in internal tests. Info
ISITEEK The 60 MB type should be used if you want to add a reveal to your cover plate. The profile has a black or white sealing strip and can be bent to a certain radius. For tight radii, type 125 KP should be used instead. Profile 60 MB is 60 mm wide and consists of a 55 mm wide plank and a 5 mm wi Info