BEP fuse box for blade fuses type "ATC" (fuses not included). Multiple fuse holders can be connected together to create a continuous fuse block. Patented contour snap system for locking the transparent cover cap including label for identification. Two slots for spare fuses. Info
GHOOK rope cleaner for ropes overgrown with mussels and algae.Stainless steel AISI316 spiral with ground inner edge.Easy to handle. Info
Lift-Up cleat made of stainless steel AISI316complete with locking nuts and washers. Not Watertight. Info
FIDLOCK dry bag mediThe HERMETIC dry bad medi is the perfect size for a smartphone. Mobile junkies will love it: thanks to the touch-capable material you can always stay online. Of course, it’s not just for smartphone junkies, this size is also perfect for keeping travel documents, credit cards an Info
RIVIERA Steering Wheels Type VS3• Hub included• Grip in Polyurethane / Mahagony• Spokes in stainless steelMeet the EEC directive 2013/53/EU requirements about pleasure boats. Info
HELLA Flexi-Spot - Available as Uni Light or Dual Light. The Gooseneck arm is in stainless steel AISI 316 for Dual Light versions and in coated steel for the Uni Light ones. 120 mm prewired. Multivolt™ 9 - 31 V and a power consumption lower 2W. Protection class IP53 for indoor use. Info
GLEISTEIN MegaCoverSystemTargeted protection for extremely stressed rope sections• Mega Cover System 100 % Dyneema®• Targeted protection for extremely stressed rope sections• Extreme strength• Minimal elongation• Maximum service life Info
HELLA combination rearlight with indicator, brake light and tail light. Rectangular for horizontal mounting. With seal, without bulb. Info