FIDLOCK VACUUM uni phone caseUniversal smartphone case with HERMETIC closure.Fits all VACUUM bases.Fits for Smartphones up to 6,9 inch Info
ENGEL cooling box MD17F - Compact and lightCompact and light at the same time and sturdy thanks to their robust plastic exterior.• 12/24 V car connector• Continously adjustable• Latch made of stainless steel• Removeable handle• Automatic priority energy circuit Info
The Quiet Flush E2 toilet series is a improved variant of the previous Quit Flush series. The Quiet Flush E2 is very quiet and equipped with a separate flushing pump or solenoid valve with hygiene barrier. The separation of the pumps offers the additional advantage of separate and more demand-orient Info
SCANSTRUT USB mounting double charging socket USB C and USB C12 / 24 V.Output USB 2x 3 A.Mounting hole 32 mm Øtechnical data Info
BARTON SkyLock is an integral part of the SkyDock lifting system. The clever design and positioning of the locking cam means the control line will never slip even accidentally released. Info
Revolve™ can be more than just a boat hook. With matching accessories, you can turn a compact boat hook into a scrubber or even a selfie stick. Info
The Unimer Mooring Compensator provides cushioned relief for mooring lines, pier and deck fittings. The compensator is design protected and features a cleat shaped locking mechanism that prevents slipping. The self-locking internal elements in black polyamide stop chafed lines completely. The compen Info
ROCNA has again put to work all of his knowledge and experience to develop an improved design that pushes the limits once more. The Rocna Mk II brings substantial upgrades in performance and strength by way of revision and refinement — inheriting and prating the original’s proven performance adv Info
stainless steel AISI316 Info
SEASURE Line hook with stick on mounting. The easy way to stow shot up ropes. No more knotting. Self-adhesive pads included. Info
Contains Divider, Nautical square and Triangle PN63 and PN61, pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener and rope. Delivered with bag. Info