Date: 18 March 2020

Did you know the way of production for an Allen Dynamic block?
No? - Than take a closer look behind the scenes of one of the leading companies in dinghie and keelboat accessories.
All high Performance Allen blocks are produced in Great Britain.

Watch the Video here

Date: 21 February 2020


TruDesign Saddle Clips & Bases are designed for tidy routing of cables, wires, and plumbing hoses. The Base can either be screwed or glued to a wall or bulkhead
providing a ‘mounting base’ which can be used on its own with a cable-tie for tying down cables and wires or have one of four sizes of Saddle Clips
attached to it for supporting various diameters of plumbing hose.
For increased security, a cable-tie can be threaded through the Base under and around the Saddle Clip and hose then done up, locking all components together.
If plumbing layouts change in the future, simply remove the hose from the Saddle Clip, then pinch the arms of the Saddle Clip together to unclip and detach it from the Base.
A different size of Saddle Clip can then be clicked on to the Base to accept a different diameter of plumbing hose.
Base available in 1 size supporting 4 sizes of Saddle Clips which cover a range of varying hose diameters.

We are the official distributor of TRUDESIGN™ and offer a wide range of the program ex stock Hamburg.


Date: 14 February 2020


As a new distributor of Xylem, better known to many as JABSCO and RULE, we are strengthening our well-known expertise in water and sanitation.

Reliability, customer-oriented solutions and pumps for various applications, all this describes the brands JABSCO and RULE.

With more than 70 years of experience in the maritime market, more than 10 million boats are now equipped with JABSCO and RULE products.
Many of the world's best boat builders and marine engine manufacturers rely on the high quality products from Xylem.

In addition to the almost 800 page main catalogue we have published a special marine products catalogue for JABSCO & RULE,
which deals exclusively with the topic of water & sanitation.


Date: 04 February 2020

Fresh from the print shop and already in great demand at the Düsseldorf Boat Show, we are starting the 2020 season with our new LINDEMANN® catalogue.
On 740 pages, no wishes from the yacht and boat accessories sector remain unfulfilled.

Standing and running rigging, deck equipment, motorboat accessories, everything for steering and moving, anchoring and mooring, lighting and electronics, safety and accessories, sanitary equipment, interior fittings and ventilation, course determination, conservation of value, sailcloth, technical fabrics and accessories or special requirements...
We are the partner of the professionals.

Decades of experience and the goal to offer the right product for every wish and requirement, we present the complete range in our new 2020 LINDEMANN® catalogue.

New products in the range include Jabsco, Rule, TRAFLEX and ISITEEK,
Outils Ocean, iWinch, Renolit as well as deckking made of cork and much more...

Click here to download the LINDEMANN® 2020 catalogue.