Date: 12 July 2018


Now it's time for fun on water....

 We have a small but nice selection of O'Brien`s Watersport range available.

As one of the wakeboard & waterski market leaders, O`Brien is renowned for top quality, up-to-date designs and a reasonable price
In addition to wakeboards, waterskies, kneeboards and tubes, we also offer the right tow lines.

To have fun on water, grab your toy and turn a few rounds.

Don`t miss to check out our Bravo pumps. They are ideal for pumping tubes, whether hand, foot or e-pump.


Date: 26 June 2018

Summer is here!

We are happy about the sun and the pleasant temperatures, but another creature also cheers about ideal conditions during the warm season: the mosquito.

Summer offers perfect conditions for the bloodsuckers, who often spoil our barbecue evening or even the whole night.
So that the evening & the night does not become a complete ordeal, we have various products in our program that are of great interest especially in the summer time.

Ranging from
STICHFREI, which in many cases, highly acclaimed by the press and tested anti-mosquito agent of Ballistol
and of course the mosquito nets of Waterline Design for hatches and companionways.

So you are always well prepared and can lean back ....


Date: 24 May 2018


If your shroud or stay breaks in the middle of nowhere, a quick help is needed.
In this case the swageless terminals of the Danish manufacturer Blue Wave are a good option.
No special tools required. Swagless terminals can be mounted easily and safely in a short time without using a roller swaging machine.

To mount the Blue Wave screw terminal "CONE", made for 1 x 19 wire rope construction, open the wire rope, push the cone into the wire rope and lay back the individual outer wires around the cone. Afterwards screw the terminal togeather and the new shroud is ready to use.

Blue Wave offers a special Rope Eye Fitting range fo
r shroud and stays in Dyneema rope construction.
Mounting the rope eye fittigs is really simple, too.
Just make
a splice around the little bone and screw the two terminal parts together - ready is your new connection.
DynaOne MAX HS from Gleistein fits perfect to the Rope Eye fittings.

Date: 09 April 2018


Sikaflex®-591 is a multifunctional sealant based on Sika’s Silane Terminated Polymer (STP) technology. It is suitable for elastic,
vibration-resistant joint seals. With it’s excellent resistance against the harsh maritime weathering condition it can be used for a wide range of applications for a wide variety of interior and exterior sealing applications.
Sikaflex®-591 bonds well to substrates commonly used in the marine industry.

Areas of application:

  • Interior and exterior sealing applications
  • Suitable for elastic, vibration-resistant joint seals
  • Overpaintable with most conventional marine paints and primers
  • Compatible with non ferrous-metals, ceramic metals and plastics