Date: 05 November 2019


The MAGIC REBOARD® rescue ladder from the French manufacturer Outils Océans is easy to install and easy to use.

With the MAGIC REBOARD® emergency ladder it is possible to get back on board safely and without any help.

It is really easy to open the ladder from direct out of the water by the outboard hanging cord.
Once pulled on the reflective leash, the rescue ladder unfolds automatically and the boat can be climbed up rung by rung.

The rescue ladder can mounted really easy on the stern pulpit and the reflective pull rope will be hanging overboard.
In order to reach the ladder easily in an emergency, the wide, reinforced steps sink due to their own weight.

The length of the emergency ladder is suitable for most boats on the market and therefore complies with the EN/ISO 15085 standard and the European Directive 2013/53/EU.

Tested and approved by offshore racers, Outils Océans textile products makes easier for any sailor.

Watch the product Video HERE.

Date: 12 September 2019


The H Wichard & Cie Company was created in the Forges De La Croix De Fer factory on the first of May 1919 by Henri Wichard and his associates.
In a nod to modern times, the industrial company was founded on Labour Day itself!

And a labour of love it was, transforming the Wichard Company from a cutlery sub-contractor to a globally renowned equipment manufacturer for the yachting sector and precision part supplier for the mechanical, automotive, aeronautics and medical industries.
The core running through each of these sectors is a shared commitment to quality, and the tool that lets WICHARD achieve it is the forge. This ancient technology has been enhanced and improved by the teams to the point where it has become a byword for quality and reliability.  WICHARD have now reached the level where each of their products is endorsed by the “Safety” label.

Today, Wichard embraces fully modernised equipment and a diverse team of professionals around our Forge. This team handles everything from tools to machining and assembly, all in a strict quality environment sanctioned by 4 ISO certifications (9001, 9100, 14001 and 13485).
It may have taken the company 70 years to transform itself and reach other markets, but the 30 years which followed have seen huge external growth. The Thiernoise Company provided the foundations needed to form a Group of 8 companies, each renowned in their own field and each with their own technical solutions in their own sector. WICHARD is working with steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, composites and carbon, creating products and solutions for the most stringent client demands.

None of this would have been possible without the men and women who have worked and still work within the company. Their hard work has made the impossible possible: world sailing records, solitary odysseys, family world tours, travel to the harshest zones, medical operations, car racing, aeronautics and so many other events that we now take for granted.

All of us at Lindemann are proud to be the German distributor and supply the German sailing sport and industry clients for more than 30 years with high end WICHARD products.

Watch a great Video of the Wichard story HERE.

Date: 26 July 2019


New and available from now are the textile on-board bags as well as a variety of storage and protection products made of special PVC fabric from Outils Océans.

The French manufacturer Outils Océans has been offering bags made of highly resistant materials that can withstand the rough conditions on board for more than 30 years.
The company was born in 1986 during a Round the World Race with a self-designed textile tool bag.

The experienced skippers and textile producer have a unique know-how, which guarantees ingenious and effective solutions for various needs on board.
The Outils Océans product range includes a wide variety of rope bags, winch handle bags, textile bottle holders, cushion fenders and protective covers for
Shroud tensioners, railing wire and mooring ropes as well as the ingenious textile safety ladder Magic Reboard.

Tested and approved by offshore racers, Outils Océans textile products make life much more easier for any skipper.

For more information on Outils Océans products, click HERE

Date: 23 April 2019


New to the program and now available from Lindemann are the original iWinch.

Use your cordless screwdriver in conjunction with the iWinch and hoist your mainsail effortlessly,
roll up your foresail or lift the anchor.....
Now it is possible to convert all your winches quickly and easily with electric drive.

All you need is a powerful cordless screwdriver and the new iWinch.
This is suitable for almost all winches on the market and can easily be mounted in a cordless screwdriver with 13mm chuck.

All the strenuous situations that are normally done on a sail boat with a hand crank are more easily with the iWinch (Link zum Product).
Using iWinch is a great way to get extra power.

- Hoist your mainsail - effortlessly
- Roll or hoist your headsail - simple
- Reef your mainsail - faster and safer
- Shorthanded Sailing - best help ever
- lift your anchor or the dinghy on deck

Modern cordless screwdriver
with the new lithium technology are very robust, reliable and the developed brush less motors.
For sure you always have a charged, ready to use cordless screwdriver for other projects on board with which you can also use the new iWinch.
iWinch is only as effective as your cordless screwdriver.

Check out the video.

Date: 11 April 2019


Hooklinker is a mobile all-in-one multi-purpose boathook to make awkward mooring manoeuvres easier. Together with stainless steel spring snap hook, LED flash light, and holder for Boatasy GHOOK, guarantees a complete and quick mooring experience. Depending on whether you are mooring on the buoy, lazy lines, rings, etc., you can easily attach them on its holders.

Hooklinker is a unique accessory adapted to attach Boatasy GHOOK, used for clean transfer of overgrown lazy (mooring) line. Now, picking a lazy line from the pier with connected GHOOK on Hooklinker is easier and safer. GHOOK is mounted on about 2-meter long telescopic hook, and provides and easy lazy line pick up from the pier during the approach to the mooring place. With the simpler connection, the final results are shorter mooring time and cleaner boat and hands.

With Hooklinker you can easily moor also on the buoy, ring, etc.. together with the integrated spring snap hook (carbine). It could be easily fixed into the flexible holder and disconnected once the ring is connected. When you disconnect, the closer automatically locks the entry hole of the carbine leaving the boat securely moored.

High performance LED flash light integrated on it improves visibility during the night or in poor visibility, 24 hours a day.

Its shape and weight have been optimised to give the best results. Hooklinker is light and compact in order for everybody to use it without major efforts directly from the boat deck. Compared to a standard telescopic hook without it, the job is now simplified and faster.

Moorings are now done with less stress and efforts, making Hooklinker an ideal solution also for the less-experienced crew or solo sailors.