Date: 09 June 2022


Fenders can be attached and removed fast and easy to the rail wire or handrail with FASTFENDER fender holders.
Usually, the fenders are attached with a weblink or bowline at the handrail.
Unfortunately, this is not always quick and easy.

Of course, fenders should hang generally at the right position and hight to protect the hull safely.
In most cases, the fender is attached to the top of the railing and the line length is adjusted to the correct height.
With FASTFENDER, the fenders can be attached to the railing wire in seconds and the height can be adjusted effortlessly thanks to the integrated rope cleat.
The FASTFENDER fender holder is simply slid over the railing wire or railing and twisted 90°. To remove the FASTFENDER, proceed in reverse way.

FASTFENDER are available in white, dark blue and black for railing wire or handrails.
It fits fenderlines from 6 to 12mm, and are available in a 2 pcs. package.

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Date: 27 April 2022


Europe's largest sailing magazine "YACHT" has tested in the issue 9 / 2022
nine electric pumps of different manufacturers for filling your SUP`s or Dinghy`s.

The test winner of this comparison is the High pressure battery pump "SUP5" from Spinera.
The SUP5 high pressure pump with an LCD screen and five different valves, pumps up an inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board easy and effortlessly.

Spinera has been delighting customers for many years with high quality, durable water sports products at an affordable price.

Besides the SUP5 High Pressure Pump we have many other Fun Sport products from Spinera in our program.

Stand Up Paddle Boards, Wakeboards and Bindings as well as Tubes and Water Skis are already in stock and as soon as the temperatures allow it the fun can begin.

HERE you can find our Spinera products.


Date: 22 April 2022


New in our program and now available from us are the high-quality products from Hella marine.

Reliability, customer-oriented solutions and lighting for a wide range of applications, all this describes the Hella marine brand.

Energy is often a scarce resource at sea.
Efficient LED lighting therefore plays a crucial role in reducing consumption on board.
Hella marine's goal is to produce high-quality maritime lighting products that are world leaders
in functionality, aesthetics, reliability and energy efficiency.

With more than 90 years of experience in the maritime market, millions of boats are equipped with Hella marine products.
Many of the world's top boat and ship builders rely on the high quality products made by Hella marine.

Navigation lights, deck lights, interior & exterior lighting, accent lighting, trailer and underwater lights from Hella marine, are now available from us.

check out the brand new hella marine catalogue here.


Date: 31 March 2022


Drop nose pins are used to secure and fasten a wide variety of components on boats, in caravans, cars or even in industrial applications.
They can be used in a number of places around a boat such as on a bow roller, chain plates, vang arms, mast foots, the list goes on, but why would you use a
drop nose pin instead on a clevis pin or bolt?

If you own a boat or have ever sailed on a boat and someone has asked you to remove a clevis pin, it can be difficult when you have cold hands.
And then when you finally manage to get the ring off, you drop the ring and watch as it drops on deck or over the side. The same goes for a bolt but even worse,
you need tools to be able to remove it.
A drop nose pin has an end section which we call the “nose” that can be turned from horizontal to vertical so that it can
be quickly inserted and then secured by turning the nose back to horizontal.

Why a Sea Sure Drop Nose Pin?
There are a number of different drop nose pins on the market, and although they may look very similar, but there are some key differences
that are worth looking into before you make your purchase.
The first thing is the material. All SeaSure drop nose pins are complete manufactured from 316 stainless steel. This specific stainless steel is one of the best to be used
in a marine environment.

The second thing is the nose mechanism.
Although SeaSure drop nose pins look simple enough on the outside there is something going on within the pins that is crucial to its securing ability.

All SeaSure drop nose pins have a bore drilled down the middle that houses a 316 stainless steel ball and spring.
This spring and ball mechanism locks the head of the pin in place.

The nose has 2 small half round grooves that the ball sits within so that it locks the head securely whether it is in the open or closed position.
Some of the other drop nosed pins on the market don’t have this mechanism which means that they can fall out or work their way loose.

Take closer look into the SeaSure Drop nose pin range.

Date: 26 January 2022


Hot off the press and with great pleasure we present the Lindemann® Catalog 2022.

For this year, we have once again worked on our product range with great passion.
Our goal is to provide you once again with new and exciting products from the world of yachting and boating.
For this purpose we tried a lot and discussed lively at times.

The result will be available soon online on our website in addition to the printed edition wich is available in stores.

Our partners will receive their copies as usual, promptly and automatically.

New in the program are products from Jabsco, Rule,
BEP, Scanstrut, oceancork and many more...

Click here to download the new LINDEMANN® 2022 catalog.


Date: 20 January 2022


Expedition sailor Bruce Jones from Rubicon 3 tested the iWinch for the British magazine "Yachting World" and is very positive about this small, practical helper.
The result is five stars and a clear recommendation to buy.
Here is the statement of Bruce Jones which is printed in the February issue of Yachting World.

Sometimes, a solution to a ploblem comes along that is so obvios, you wonder why it hasen`t been there for years. In my opinion the iWinch is a case in point.

Some taskson a yacht are just hard work: getting that halyard up, sheeting in a headsail, tightening the reefing pennant - all big. heavy jobs and none of us are getting younger.You`ll always get the traditionalists who say electric winches are unnecessary or dangerous as you can`t feel any blockage or Snagging.The truth is tough, that sometimes having some powered assistance is very useful, especially when you`re short-handed.
If You`ve ever thought about getting electric winches as a solution, you may well have stopped short when you`ve seen the 3000 pound price tag (for a common 44 size) - and then there`s the space they need under the deck and the power onthe batteries. Space and cost are show stoppers for many.

Previously, we`ve looked at the so-called powered winch handles. The WinchRite is probably the most well known, and it is definately an effective tool; likewise for the Ewincher. What stopped us using either on an ongoing basis was firstly their size (where do you store them?) and secondly their cost. The WinchRite costs over 600 pound and the Ewincher close to an eye watering 2000 pound. Great ideas both of them, but ultimately not something we could justify.Which brings us to this neat idea.

We´re a bit late to party on the iWinch, but we love it. It`s basically just a winch socket and a drill bit combined. It fits into a standard drill, thought youdo want one with around 90-100Nm of torque,and it will need a 13mm chuck, so do check this.
Otherwise that`s it.You have a powered winch handle that`s highly effective, but only costs 55 pound. We have given the iWinch quite a beating over the summer, using it on our heavy 60ft expedition yachts wheree the loads are much greater than you`d expected on a standard 40ft cruising yacht.Every Skipper, without exception, loved the iWinch for it`s utility and practicality, even if it wasn`t seen necessary as beeing an erveryday piece of kit.Your drill may not have the full 110Nm torque of the WinchRite or EWincher, but so long as it has arround 100Nm this is such a useful, cheap solution to a problem that you really can`t go wrong with (otheer than dropping your drill overboard or risk it getting salted up)

Highly recommended.

Verdict: 5-STARS  *****


Date: 29 October 2021


From November the 16th - 18th 2021, after a one-year abstinence, the world's largest trade fair for yachting & boating equipment will again open its doors to the public.

The METSTRADE Show in the Netherlands is the only international B2B exhibition in this field.
As a traditional wholesaler for yacht & boat equipment we will of course be there again in Amsterdam with our specialized staff.

Visit us at our booth 01.521 in hall 1, and look forward with us to the upcoming water sports season.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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Date: 22 October 2021


This is the claim we will be represented at Boot & Fun for the first time.

From November 11th the 14th of November 2021, we will be presenting everything to do with sailcloth, technical textiles and accessories in the capital city of Berlin.

Visit us in hall 25 at stand 460 and let us inspire you.

Our trade fair team is always ready to advise you on all aspects of the subject sailcloth, technical textiles and accessories and provide you with information.

Among the new products we will be presenting are cool colour artificial leather from skai®, MAXX ENDUMAX laminates and Supercote spinnaker cloth from Contender Sailcloth® as well as window films from Renolit®.

Let us inspire you - we look forward to your visit.

Hall 25 / Booth 460

Date: 10 September 2021


For its round 60th edition the Interboot 2021 has recorded enormous increases.
50 percent more exhibition space, 40 percent more exhibitors and also the number of boats is increased by 40 percent compared
to last year.

Of course, we will also be back in Friedrichshafen from September 18-26, 2021, and will be presenting in Hall A3
on our booth A3-102 our current products as well as some great novelties of Jabsco, Lenco, ENGEL, oceancork...

Our exhibition team is always ready to advise you in all areas of yacht & boat accessories and to provide you with professional information.

Let us inspire you - we are looking forward to your visit.

Date: 02 August 2021

OceanCork is made of 100% recyclable materials and is the natural alternative to traditional boat deck materials like teak or PVC.

Compared to teak, which binds 1,000 kg of CO² for 1 ton of wood, or plastic which even produces a CO² emission of 1,700 kg per ton,
cork has an extremely high CO² binding of 73,000 kg per ton.

However, cork is not only advantageous from an ecological point of view, but also attractive in terms of price due to its simple processing, the wide range of laying possibilities and easy maintenance.
In addition, cork is lightweight, non-slip, and 100% recyclable.

The combination of the best raw materials and special binders creates a high-quality floor covering for outdoor and indoor use.
OceanCork is not only as flooring for boat decks, but also for terraces, pools, jetties and more.

The application of this versatile material on deck not only increases noise reduction as well as thermal insulation,
but also meets the requirements of sustainable boat building and gives the boat a natural and sustainable aesthetic.

How to install the cork strips you can see HERE.

Date: 07 May 2021

New in the program and available from now are the USB built-in double charging sockets.
In addition to the familiar USB-A port, they also offer connection options for USB-C cables.

In the near future, the USB-C port will become standard and replace the classic USB port (TYPE-A) even in boats and camping vehicles.

Both share the USB name, but the differences become clear at first glance:
USB-C ports are significantly smaller and thus not compatible with classic USB cables.

And that is already the main problem on board, because the new port replaces the old one and classic USB cables  and sockets become unusable.

The remedy for the different cables of the manufacturers is the practical USB-A / USB-C dual charging sockets.

Connected devices are charged with 5V and 3.6A and are optionally available with or without blue LED.
The installation is very simple and so they can be perfectly and subsequently integrated on bord.
The attachment in the mounting hole with 28mm diameter is done by means of hexagonal lock nut.


Date: 11 February 2021


Longer life, better cycle stability & power without end

As a new partner of Q-Batteries, already known by many for reliable and high cycle performance batteries,
we are strengthening our competence in the field of on-board electrics.

The AGM batteries from Q-Batteries are extremely cycle-resistant drive and supply batteries. They can be used both as a supply battery in
boat and motorhome as well as for driving an electric motor. Since the acid is bound in a glass fleece, the batteries are extremely vibration-resistant and can be installed
in a practically independent position. The sealed system is equipped with a VRLA pressure relief valve, so no special ventilation or insulation is required.
For example, the battery can be installed under the seat in the salon without concern.

AGM technology offers three times the cycle life of conventional batteries and is perfect for advanced systems.

Compared to gel batteries, the internal resistance of AGM batteries is significantly lower, allowing them to deliver larger amounts of current to consumers when needed.
Due to the use of special lead plates and a special electrolyte, the batteries have an excellent service life and cycle stability.

Take a closer look into the Q-Batteries range.


Date: 28 January 2021


PAD-I has been designed to allow you to fix low loading parts to your boat/deck without having to drill attachment holes.

PAD-I has been manufactured using carbon filled nylon so it is extremely strong. It comes complete with a length of 1.5mm SK99 Dyneema which means that the whole unit only weight 5.5 Grams.

The PAD-I can be stuck to the hull/deck using Sikaflex, epoxy, etc (not included). PAD-I is able to withstand 80kg’s of force before lifting from the deck when stuck with Sikaflex, and up to 250kg when stuck with epoxy/plexus.

This makes putting simple take up systems into the boat extremely easy, without the hassle of drilling holes.


Date: 11 January 2021


Hot off the press and with great pleasure we present the Lindemann® Catalog 2021.

For this year, we have once again worked on our product range with great passion.
Our goal is to provide you once again with new and exciting products from the world of yachting and boating.
For this purpose we tried a lot and discussed lively at times.

The result will be available soon online on our website in addition to the printed edition wich is available in stores.

Our partners will receive their copies as usual, promptly and automatically.

New in the program are products from Rockford Fosgate, ISITEEK,
BEP, Sta-Plug, oceancork and many more...

Click here to download the new LINDEMANN® 2021 catalog.