push and revolving fasteners - CAF COMPO

CAF-COMPO Suitable for every design
Imagine a pushbutton holder on the deck of your beautiful boat, which you can use to attach a cover that is 100% corrosion-free and matches the ship´s deck colour. Time to say goodbye to the annoying eye-catchers that stand out from the noble design, even if they are not corroded. Designers love it when the beautiful lines and shapes of their product are not disturbed by the inevitable points where cushions, blinds, carpets or blankets are held on deck. This is exactly the same and quick assembly as with a normal pushbutton holder. A unique formula of smart design and high quality materials makes it possible to use a self-tapping composite bolt for use in glass fibre, wood and other composites.
Suitable for every design, every colour and every push button. Available in 4 standard colours or in any RAL colour on request. And it goes with any commercially available (24 lines) annular spring pushbutton.
Same and quick mounting as traditional snap fasteners. Simply drill a pilot hole (5.5 mm) and screw in the CAF-COMPO push button fastening with a Torx 30 bit.
Art.-No.packagethread length
VP à 10 St.10 mmwhite
VP à 100 St.10 mmwhite
VP à 10 St.16 mmwhite
VP à 100 St.16 mmwhite
VP à 1000 St.16 mmwhite
VP à 10 St.16 mmcream white
VP à 10 St.16 mmgrey
VP à 10 St.10 mmblack
VP à 100 St.10 mmblack
VP à 10 St.16 mmblack
VP à 100 St.16 mmblack
VP à 1000 St.16 mmblack

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