Gleistein – Sheets and Halyards - DynaOne MAX HS

• Dyneema® power now also for static deployment.
• Heat set for uncompromisingly light shrouds and stays with smallest wind drag.
• Braided 12-plait with Dyneema® Max Technology
• Heat set for greater strength and minimised constructional stretch
• No creep (inelastic elongation) under load
• Enables the production of ultra-light shrouds and stays as a fully-fledged steel wire substitute
• Due to the bigger leverage effect, a lighter rig significantly increasing the righting moment and enables use of a substantially lighter keel
• Increased density of rope cross-section due to the heat setting process minimises area subject to wind drag
• Abrasion and UV resistant like all ropes in the DynaOne® family
• A real rope with balanced universal properties and long service life even without a protective cover.
• Besides its coating, this is chiefly attributable to its firm braid structure
• More durable, lighter and less expensive than PBO/Zylon

Elongination at 10% of breaking load: 0,3%

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