Gleistein – Sheets and Halyards - TaperTwin

GLEISTEIN Rope TaperTwin
Bespoke racing performance: Feather-light at the clew, handleable at the winch, excellent in stoppers

• Core 12-strand braid of Dyneema® SK78 fibres
• Intermediate cover of Polyester staple fibres
• Cover 24 or 32-plait of HT continuous filament Polyester yarns
• Gleistein’s orange identification yarn

Good to know
• Similar stretch characteristics to steel wire rope with slightly lower strength make DynaLite an ideal economic choice for cruising yachtsmen,
and original equipment manufacturers (O.E.M.’s)
• Exceptional abrasion resistance excellent in stoppers
• DynaLite can be tapered by the removal of sections of the outer cover
• Universal rope ideal for guys, Up/Down-Hauls, Reefing Lines, Vang and Cunningham

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