Mosquito protection - BALLISTOL Stichfrei

Stichfrei protects for up to eight hours against irksome insect bites such as from gnats, stinging flies, gadflies, mosquitoes, sandflies, tropical mopane-flies and tsetse flies.
Just spray it on your skin and forget about gnats and gadflies. Stichfrei has been tested for its toxicological harmlessness and is successfully used on all continents. Due to the plant oils that it contains, Stichfrei, which also smells very pleasant, also cares for your skin and protects it against dehydration. The UV-B filter that it contains also protects your skin against sunburn. Stichfrei has been awarded with the distinction of "very good" in all dermatological tests.
Stichfrei Kids is a lotion that is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin and offers up to 4 hours protection. Suitable for children from 2 month, pregnant women and on sensitive skin.

Use Stichfrei safely! Please read the label and product information before using this product!

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