engine control cables - cables - C36


Mach C36

For Mercury and Mercruiser and Mercury Gen II engines.
Stroke: 87 mm
C365´ (1,53 m)
C366´ (1,83 m)
C367´ (2,14 m)
C368´ (2,44 m)
C369´ (2,75 m)
C3610´ (3,05 m)
C3611´ (3,36 m)
C3612´ (3,66 m)
C3613´ (3,97 m)
C3614´ (4,27 m)
C3615´ (4,59 m)
C3616´ (4,90 m)
C3617´ (5,25 m)
C3618´ (5,49 m)
C3619´ (5,80 m)
C3620´ (6,10 m)
C3621´ (6,41 m)
C3622´ (6,75 m)
C3623´ (7,03 m)
C3624´ (7,34 m)

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