MasAcril ACRYL - Maerlin MasAcril

The new Maerlin Masacril is a 100% spinneret-dyed acrylic fabric, PU-coated on one side, with a finish that reduces marks caused by folds in the fabric, e.g. during production. The fabric is almost waterproof, has a pleasant feel and reduces the writing effect.

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Fabricsolution-dyed Masacril® yarn
yarnswarp31 h/cm (EN 1049.2)
 weft15 h/cm (EN 1049.2)
Tensile strengthwarp140 daN / 5 cm (EN 13934.1)
Water column1000 mm (EN 20811)
Light fastness7 / 8 (EN ISO 105 B02)

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