sewing thread - Parkgate Polyester thread Cotton covered


PARKGATE© Cotton Covered Polyester Thread
This multi-purpose sewing thread made of a high tenacity polyester core with a cotton cover and a Glacé finish combines high tenacity and seam strength with a higher resistance to severe abrasion. The Glacé finish is imparted through a special polishing process using a unique formula. This finish creates a lustrous finish to the thread with an enhanced abrasion resistance. With its excellent sewing performance it is suitable for the most extreme sewing applications on heavy fabrics and multiple layer sewing.

• Polyester melts at 250 - 260°C
• Polyester softens at 220 - 240°C
• Thread shrinkage less than 1 % at 150°C

Tex 105
25 NM
Breaking strength: approx. 57 N
Elongation: 16 % - 24 %

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