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The agora upholstery fabrics were developed by two specialists, Sauleda and Tuvatextil. 100 % spinneret-dyed acrylic which is best protected with PTFE against mould and mildew stains. In addition, these materials offer a very high light fastness of 7 - 8. These properties make these upholstery fabrics suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Art.-No.Roll length
ca. cm
50 m160 cmwhite
50 m160 cmMarfil
50 m160 cmAvena
50 m160 cmIntegral
50 m160 cmToffee
50 m160 cmBrisa
50 m160 cmIndigo
50 m160 cmAzul
50 m160 cmMarino
50 m160 cmadmiral
50 m160 cmturkis
50 m160 cmMandarina
50 m160 cmburgundy
50 m160 cmMarron
50 m160 cmblack
50 m160 cmBasalto
50 m160 cmPerla
50 m160 cmsilver
50 m160 cmanthracite
50 m160 cmMineral
50 m160 cmPiedra
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Midew and mould are caused by the effects of organic environmental substances and moisture on the cloth, as well as by inadequate ventilation. Please follow our and the general care instructions and pass them on to the end customer. Ensure adequate ventilation.

StageClassFirst noticeable color change
8excellent700 days
7excellent350 days
6very good160 days

The days are only for orientation under laboratory conditions. Due to natural conditions and wear and tear, this information may vary considerably in some cases.

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