Upholstery Fabrics - skai cool colours VALERO Synthetic Leather

Better remission – less heat input
The greatly improved remission of the radiation in the near infrared range (780-1500 nanometer) is the secret of the innovative “cool colors” technology. The thermal imaging camera makes the effect visible: in the energy-rich near infrared range of sunlight, “cool colors” synthetics remain much cooler than comparable standard synthetics. The degree to which surfaces can heat up is shown by tests with a pyrometer. Temperatures of up to 90 °C are not uncommon on dark colors in direct sunlight. Direct comparison proves: the surface temperature of “cool colors” synthetics is demonstrably lower than that of a standard material after exposure to direct sunlight.

Synthetic Leather skai cool colours VALERO
85% PVC - 10% Polyester - 2% Nano-Hightech particles
ca. 580 g/m²

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