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The Titanium Super Ring weighs 50% less than the original stainless steel ring. The titanium ring is perfect for all types of light weight applications including carbon fiber sails. It is also commonly used for swimming pool covers as titanium is more resistant to chloride than other metals.

The Super Ring is the sailmaker’s best friend, and the most time efficient solution on the market as it can be pressed directly onto the sail. There is no cutting, sewing, webbing, taping or other action needed, simply punch a hole and press in the ring. When pressed onto a cloth, the teeth penetrate easily without damaging the surrounding area. Additionally, the teeth are evenly spaced to provide maximum holding power as they bend uniformly to spread the load.
VP à 10
Loch Ø
endgültiger Durchmesser
nach der Pressung
15 mmØi 14 mmØa 28 mm13,3 mm3 - 5 t375 kg
22 mmØi 20 mmØa 40 mm17,4 mm9 - 12 t840 kg
28 mmØi 25 mmØa 46 mm16,7 mm13 t1190 kg
38 mmØi 35 mmØa 58 mm19,5 mm20 t1530 kg

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