scissors - Battery Scissors

Battery cutter WBT-2
The set with extensive accessories enables easy and quick cutting. The 5.000 mAh strong Li-Ion battery offers enough capacity to last even during longer cutting operations. Cuts even difficult materials such as Kevlar®, Twaron®, Dyneema®, carbon and glass fibre but also cotton, wool, leather, rubber, wallpaper, paper and wood veneer.

Content Set:
- 1x cutting tool
- 2x exchangeable cutting head, toothed
- 1x 5.000 mAh battery
- 1x charging tray for battery
- 1x power adapter for connection to the power line
- 1x power supply unit 230V with screw lock
- 1x cross-head screwdriver
WBT-2Cutter Set - Battery Scissors as complete set, toothed
WBT-2cutting head toothed
WBT-25.000 mAh replacement battery

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