Aqua Signal navigation lights - Cable Selection

In order to ensure that the brightness / range of the navigation lights conforms to regulations, sufficient cable section should be used for the power supply of the navigation lights. The selection of the cable sections to be used is dependet on the length of the supply cable. As an aid you can find the rough guiding values in the table below. No liability assumed for information given.
Cable Ø in mm²
max. distance to power source (meter)
6V, 10W0,750,751,501,502,502,502,504,004,004,006,006,006,006,00  
6V, 25W1,502,504,004,006,006,006,00         
12V, 10W0,750,750,750,750,750,750,751,501,501,501,501,502,502,502,502,50
12V, 25W0,750,750,751,501,501,502,502,502,502,504,004,006,006,006,006,00
24V, 10W0,750,750,750,750,750,750,750,750,750,750,750,750,750,750,750,75
24V, 25W0,750,750,750,750,750,750,750,750,750,751,501,501,501,501,501,50

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