radar reflector - active - Aktive-X

The Echomax Active-X Radar target enhancer is designed to respond to interrogating X band radar (9,3 - 9,5GHz) by receiving a transmitted pulse and amplifying the pulse and re-transmitting the pulse back to the radar at the same frequency with minimum delay, thereby improving the radar detection range and visibilityof small targets. It will not enhance significantly vessels with large radar cross section. the enhancer is primarily intended for small vessels with no radar fitted and typically should enhance the radar cross section of vessels up to 25m in length. For small craft/rigid inflatables improvements will start to be seen at around 1-2 miles extending to 8-10 miles or more. Poor weather, sea state and precipitation will greatly reduce the response. Complete with 24m cable.

Values X-Band (ISO Standard 7,5m²)
0° angle111,36 m² SPL (Stated Performance Level)
+/- 10° angle78,96 m² SPL (Stated Performance Level)
+/- 20° angle20,80 m² SPL (Stated Performance Level)

FrequencyX-Band (9.30 - 9.50 GHz)
position accuracyapprox. 1 Meter
Antenna cable24m, 2-core, 0,5 mm², weight 969g
Mounting socket1" / 25,4mm 14NF inside thread
measure control boxW92mm x H52mm x D38mm
Currency12V DC, Polarity and overvoltage protected
Standby consumption< 15 mA
consumption in work5 Radar in range approx. 23mA

10 Radar in range approx. 32 mA

*) weight without the 24 m attached cable








Optional accessories for ECHOMAX active radar reflectors

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