radar reflector - active - Aktive-XS

The Echomax Active-X Radar target enhancer is designed to respond to interrogating X band radar (9,3 - 9,5GHz) and S band radar (2,9 - 3,1 GHz) by receiving a transmitted pulse and amplifying the pulse and re-transmitting the pulse back to the radar at the same frequency with minimum delay. Complete with 24m cable for 12V DC. Stand by consumption < 23 mA.

Values X-Band (ISO Standard 7,5m²)Values S-Band (ISO Standard 0,5m²)
0° angle111,36 m² SPL (Stated Performance Level)6,26 m² SPL
+/- 10° angle78,96 m² SPL (Stated Performance Level)6,44 m² SPL
+/- 20° angle20,80 m² SPL (Stated Performance Level)5,36 m² SPL

Operating FrequencyX-Band (9.30 - 9.50 GHz)

S-Band (2,9 - 3,1 GHz)

position accuracyapprox. 1 Meter
Antenna cable24m, 2-core, 0,5 mm², weight 969g
Mounting socket1" / 25,4mm 14NF inside thread
measure control boxW92mm x H51mm x D38mm
Currency12V DC, Polarity and overvoltage protected
Standby consumption< 23 mA
consumption in workX-Band Radar approx. 190 mA

S-Band Radar approx. 155 mA

*) weight without the 24 m attached cable








Optional accessories for ECHOMAX active radar reflectors

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