Longer life, better cycle stability & power without end

As a new partner of Q-Batteries, already known by many for reliable and high cycle performance batteries,
we are strengthening our competence in the field of on-board electrics.

The AGM batteries from Q-Batteries are extremely cycle-resistant drive and supply batteries. They can be used both as a supply battery in
boat and motorhome as well as for driving an electric motor. Since the acid is bound in a glass fleece, the batteries are extremely vibration-resistant and can be installed
in a practically independent position. The sealed system is equipped with a VRLA pressure relief valve, so no special ventilation or insulation is required.
For example, the battery can be installed under the seat in the salon without concern.

AGM technology offers three times the cycle life of conventional batteries and is perfect for advanced systems.

Compared to gel batteries, the internal resistance of AGM batteries is significantly lower, allowing them to deliver larger amounts of current to consumers when needed.
Due to the use of special lead plates and a special electrolyte, the batteries have an excellent service life and cycle stability.

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