OceanCork is made of 100% recyclable materials and is the natural alternative to traditional boat deck materials like teak or PVC.

Compared to teak, which binds 1,000 kg of CO² for 1 ton of wood, or plastic which even produces a CO² emission of 1,700 kg per ton,
cork has an extremely high CO² binding of 73,000 kg per ton.

However, cork is not only advantageous from an ecological point of view, but also attractive in terms of price due to its simple processing, the wide range of laying possibilities and easy maintenance.
In addition, cork is lightweight, non-slip, and 100% recyclable.

The combination of the best raw materials and special binders creates a high-quality floor covering for outdoor and indoor use.
OceanCork is not only as flooring for boat decks, but also for terraces, pools, jetties and more.

The application of this versatile material on deck not only increases noise reduction as well as thermal insulation,
but also meets the requirements of sustainable boat building and gives the boat a natural and sustainable aesthetic.

How to install the cork strips you can see HERE.