Drop nose pins are used to secure and fasten a wide variety of components on boats, in caravans, cars or even in industrial applications.
They can be used in a number of places around a boat such as on a bow roller, chain plates, vang arms, mast foots, the list goes on, but why would you use a
drop nose pin instead on a clevis pin or bolt?

If you own a boat or have ever sailed on a boat and someone has asked you to remove a clevis pin, it can be difficult when you have cold hands.
And then when you finally manage to get the ring off, you drop the ring and watch as it drops on deck or over the side. The same goes for a bolt but even worse,
you need tools to be able to remove it.
A drop nose pin has an end section which we call the “nose” that can be turned from horizontal to vertical so that it can
be quickly inserted and then secured by turning the nose back to horizontal.

Why a Sea Sure Drop Nose Pin?
There are a number of different drop nose pins on the market, and although they may look very similar, but there are some key differences
that are worth looking into before you make your purchase.
The first thing is the material. All SeaSure drop nose pins are complete manufactured from 316 stainless steel. This specific stainless steel is one of the best to be used
in a marine environment.

The second thing is the nose mechanism.
Although SeaSure drop nose pins look simple enough on the outside there is something going on within the pins that is crucial to its securing ability.

All SeaSure drop nose pins have a bore drilled down the middle that houses a 316 stainless steel ball and spring.
This spring and ball mechanism locks the head of the pin in place.

The nose has 2 small half round grooves that the ball sits within so that it locks the head securely whether it is in the open or closed position.
Some of the other drop nosed pins on the market don’t have this mechanism which means that they can fall out or work their way loose.

Take closer look into the SeaSure Drop nose pin range.