Fenders can be attached and removed fast and easy to the rail wire or handrail with FASTFENDER fender holders.
Usually, the fenders are attached with a weblink or bowline at the handrail.
Unfortunately, this is not always quick and easy.

Of course, fenders should hang generally at the right position and hight to protect the hull safely.
In most cases, the fender is attached to the top of the railing and the line length is adjusted to the correct height.
With FASTFENDER, the fenders can be attached to the railing wire in seconds and the height can be adjusted effortlessly thanks to the integrated rope cleat.
The FASTFENDER fender holder is simply slid over the railing wire or railing and twisted 90°. To remove the FASTFENDER, proceed in reverse way.

FASTFENDER are available in white, dark blue and black for railing wire or handrails.
It fits fenderlines from 6 to 12mm, and are available in a 2 pcs. package.

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