Date: 11 February 2021


Longer life, better cycle stability & power without end

As a new partner of Q-Batteries, already known by many for reliable and high cycle performance batteries,
we are strengthening our competence in the field of on-board electrics.

The AGM batteries from Q-Batteries are extremely cycle-resistant drive and supply batteries. They can be used both as a supply battery in
boat and motorhome as well as for driving an electric motor. Since the acid is bound in a glass fleece, the batteries are extremely vibration-resistant and can be installed
in a practically independent position. The sealed system is equipped with a VRLA pressure relief valve, so no special ventilation or insulation is required.
For example, the battery can be installed under the seat in the salon without concern.

AGM technology offers three times the cycle life of conventional batteries and is perfect for advanced systems.

Compared to gel batteries, the internal resistance of AGM batteries is significantly lower, allowing them to deliver larger amounts of current to consumers when needed.
Due to the use of special lead plates and a special electrolyte, the batteries have an excellent service life and cycle stability.

Take a closer look into the Q-Batteries range.


Date: 28 January 2021


PAD-I has been designed to allow you to fix low loading parts to your boat/deck without having to drill attachment holes.

PAD-I has been manufactured using carbon filled nylon so it is extremely strong. It comes complete with a length of 1.5mm SK99 Dyneema which means that the whole unit only weight 5.5 Grams.

The PAD-I can be stuck to the hull/deck using Sikaflex, epoxy, etc (not included). PAD-I is able to withstand 80kg’s of force before lifting from the deck when stuck with Sikaflex, and up to 250kg when stuck with epoxy/plexus.

This makes putting simple take up systems into the boat extremely easy, without the hassle of drilling holes.


Date: 11 January 2021


Hot off the press and with great pleasure we present the Lindemann® Catalog 2021.

For this year, we have once again worked on our product range with great passion.
Our goal is to provide you once again with new and exciting products from the world of yachting and boating.
For this purpose we tried a lot and discussed lively at times.

The result will be available soon online on our website in addition to the printed edition wich is available in stores.

Our partners will receive their copies as usual, promptly and automatically.

New in the program are products from Rockford Fosgate, ISITEEK,
BEP, Sta-Plug, oceancork and many more...

Click here to download the new LINDEMANN® 2021 catalog.